City of Arts and Sciences

Its 350.000m2, started to be constructed in 1998, it has a group of singular buildings, most of them from the Valencian Architect Santiago Calatrava. It is a compulsory visit in the city of Valencia.
Here we will visit:

  • The Hemispheric, projection hall with a 900 m2 round screen
  • The Umbracle, look-out garden to the rest of the buildings
  • Museum of Sciences Philip Prince, the science for everybody. It is prohibited not to touch
  • Arts Palace Sophia Queen, auditoriums and chamber music halls for opera and concerts
  • The Oceanographic, the biggest oceanographic park in Europe, with 110.000 m2 and species from all seas and oceans in the planet
  • The Agora, an indoors area covered for the celebration of tennis tournaments as well as other cultural, political or social events
  • Assut del Or Bridge, it is 155 metres long, and it is sustained by a 125 metres high mast